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25 Essential Instagram Tools to Skyrocket Your Brand's Growth in 2024

Harnessing Instagram's vast user base of over a billion can be a game-changer for brands. Smart ads and strategic influencer partnerships are a start, but nailing the intricacies of "what" and "when" to post is where true growth lies. Enter the realm of Instagram growth tools — your allies in demystifying the complexities of this visual platform.

We’ve diligently curated a list of the top Instagram tools and apps tailored for businesses, aiming to ease content creation, fine-tune posting timelines, and skyrocket engagement.

Tools for Enthralling Instagram Stories

  1. CutStory: With Instagram limiting Stories to 15-second bursts, CutStory is your go-to app for chopping longer videos into digestible segments. Unleash your creativity without the one-minute constraint and adorn your Stories with vibrant stickers, compelling collages, and eye-catching backgrounds.

  2. Wave.video: Wave.video brings the finesse of professional video editing to your browser. Starting for free, unlock its full potential for $39/month, gaining access to an array of sophisticated editing tools and ready-to-use Instagram Story templates.

  3. Unfold: Elevate your Instagram Stories with Unfold’s seamless collage creations, distinctive fonts, and dynamic fusion of still images with video, adding a layer of allure to your narrative.

  4. InVideo: InVideo simplifies video editing, providing an array of templates and effects. Its tools allow you to craft Stories from the ground up, perfectly suited for the vertical life of Instagram.

Design Tools for Striking Instagram Content

  1. Canva: Canva offers a suite of design tools specifically for Instagram, making it a breeze to add text, choose compelling layouts, and select from a wealth of templates to make your feed stand out.

  2. VSCO: Optimize your images with VSCO’s precision editing tools, from tweaking brightness and contrast to applying unique filters, seamlessly integrated with Instagram for sharing.

  3. Snappa: Snappa streamlines post creation with its drag-and-drop editor, offering a library of stock photos and pre-set dimensions, alongside a nifty one-click background remover for cleaner visuals.

  4. Afterlight: This photo-editing tool boasts a myriad of textures, filters, and typography tools, perfect for crafting Instagram images that resonate with your brand's aesthetic.

Marketing Tools for Instagram Mastery

  1. Display Purposes: Maximize your hashtag strategy with Display Purposes, providing you with a tailored list of tags to enhance your post's reach and engagement.

  2. Branded Content: Connect with influencers through Meta's marketplace, Branded Content, where brands and creators converge for impactful collaborations.

  3. Pictory: Turn text into captivating videos with Pictory's AI-driven platform, or distill your video content into Instagram-ready highlights that captivate and engage.

  4. Kicksta: Experience organic growth with Kicksta's AI technology, targeting genuine users to potentially add up to 2,000 followers monthly to your Instagram profile.

Management Tools for Streamlined Instagram Operations

  1. Later: Plan and schedule your Instagram content with Later’s intuitive content calendar, complete with a live feed preview, ensuring your strategy unfolds seamlessly.

  2. Tailwind: Keep your content fresh with Tailwind’s personalized post suggestions and optimal timing recommendations, keeping your strategy on point.

  3. Sked Social: Schedule posts effortlessly from any device with Sked Social, and enjoy advanced image-editing features to enhance your visual content.

  4. Hootsuite: Manage your Stories and regular posts with Hootsuite, benefitting from analytics that inform and refine your content strategy.

Analytics Tools for Data-Driven Strategies

  1. Iconosquare: Dive deep into engagement data and follower demographics with Iconosquare to inform your influencer marketing and content performance strategies.

  2. Keyhole: Benchmark your Instagram performance against competitors and gain insights across various metrics with Keyhole's comprehensive reporting tools.

  3. Phlanx: Assess the effectiveness of your influencer partnerships and get a transparent view of any Instagram account’s performance with Phlanx’s engagement calculator.

  4. Cyfe: Integrate all your Instagram analytics into a single, real-time dashboard with Cyfe, enhancing business intelligence with pre-built widgets for easy setup.

Ad Tools for Boosting Instagram Visibility

  1. Hootsuite Social Advertising: Automate your ad campaigns with Hootsuite Social Advertising, using algorithms for precise targeting and analytics for strategy refinement.

  2. Adroll: Manage your Instagram ads alongside your broader campaign efforts with Adroll for a unified strategy and performance analysis.

  3. AdEspresso: Simplify your ad campaign management with AdEspresso's integrated platform, enabling you to effortlessly edit campaigns, allocate budgets, and monitor performance with automatic optimization features

  4. Revealbot: Automate and streamline your Instagram ad processes with Revealbot, from creation to optimization and scheduling, ensuring your targeting is on-point and performance is continuously tracked.

Ecommerce Apps for Instagram Sales Growth

  1. Covet Instagram Feed & Reviews (Shopify): Build a shoppable Instagram feed enriched with real customer photos and reviews using Covet. Encourage your community to engage and share their experiences, enhancing your brand's authenticity and appeal.

  2. Video Ad Machine (Shopify): Create compelling video ads swiftly with Video Ad Machine's editing suite, designed to capture attention and drive your audience growth on Instagram.

Our exploration of the 25 best Instagram tools for businesses concludes with a reminder of their indispensable role in simplifying tasks and optimizing efforts. The digital toolbox you choose should not only fulfill your needs — like a user-friendly video editor for frequent video content creators — but also seamlessly integrate with your overall social media strategy. Remember, the apt tools should augment your presence on Instagram, propelling your brand into new realms of digital engagement and growth.

Q: How do Instagram tools contribute to business growth? 


A: Instagram tools are the backbone of an effective social media strategy. By automating scheduling, enhancing content quality, and providing insightful analytics, they allow businesses to focus on creative storytelling and audience engagement, which are crucial for growth.

Q: Can the right Instagram tool help me save time?

A: Absolutely. With the right set of tools, businesses can save countless hours on content planning, editing, and analysis. For instance, scheduling tools alone can recover up to 20% of the time usually spent on manual posting, which can be redirected towards strategic planning and creative processes.


Q: What is the most cost-effective way to use Instagram tools for a small business?

A: Small businesses should start with free versions of tools and take advantage of free trials. Investing in comprehensive tools that cover multiple needs, like Canva for design or Hootsuite for scheduling and analytics, can also be more cost-effective than purchasing niche-specific tools.
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